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TRAINING - ISO 9001:2015 EA37

16 APRILE 2021

Noseda, as Training Provider according to the ISO 9001:2015 – EA 37 legislation for the management of quality in the field of training, chooses to enhance, formalise and certify an aspect, or rather, a factor that characterizes machines with increased performance, reliability and flexibility, thanks to sophisticated control systems able to make their use increasingly intuitive, safe and easy.

Now, Noseda can provide machines, technical assistance and training in a perfectly integrated way, all this, thanks to the formalisation of a well-established procedure and to the implementation of a Quality Management System, with a  particular focus on training programs.

For Textile Operators, training represents an opportunity to gain further Qualitative, Productive and Economic advantages and to improve their skills, potentialities, as well as to increase their productivity, reducing production non-conformities and improving all their indexes.